Industrial IT Developer (NEW!)

LocationFrance, Vaux-le-Pénil

Posted DateMay 19, 2017

Job Description:


As the Industrial IT Developer, your main goal will be to develop and modify software to control TiMOTION systems, on the basis of the market needs.


You will have the following responsibilities:

  • Participate in the writing of the specification depending on the customer needs
  • Analyze its feasibility 
  • Develop IT programs to ensure the control of our systems (linear actuators, control boxes, handsets, accessories) 
  • Test computer programs and systems
  • Write user manuals
  • Analyze and repair SAV feedback linked to computer programs
  • Work on location at customer sites to modify the IT programs when necessary 


  • Compensation based on experience
  • Meal tickets
  • Mutual


  • Bachelor/Licence (bac+3) in IT Development
  • Firsthand experience in the IT industry is necessary
  • Programming in language C, Intel 8051 microcontroller
  • Familiarity of electronics and the main components 
  • Experience in Printed Circuit Board functionality
  • Fluent in English and Mandarin

Desired Characteristics:

  • Autonomy
  • Good capacity to adapt yourself to different locations (factory in China, headquarters in Taiwan)
  • Shows consistent professionalism
  • Highly organized, dynamic and efficient